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  1. Top Advice for Planning a Party – Use a Photo Booth

    October 23, 2014 by Melissa

    There are many different things that needs to be thought about when planning a party, especially if it is a great big party like a holiday party or a wedding. But the number one piece of advice that we here at Double Exposure are offering to wedding planners lately is that they need to plan for a photo booth rental. Most party goers are looking for that photo booth when they enter the reception or when they head into the company holiday party, and if they see one they know that it will be a funner party and a better experience. They also know that they will get to leave with photos of their own, instead of just having a photographer there who is taking photos for the bridal couple or the company.

    When ever we are approached and asked our advice on how to plan the best party possible, one of the first things that we always say is that they need to incorporate in a great way to help break the ice and get people into the party mood. People need maybe a little drink or a little music, but they also need something to do. So having a photo booth rental is one of the best ways to accomplish that, as well as to give people something to do for the rest of the night. People will dance the night away, and they will take breaks from the dance floor to go and get their photo taken in the photo booth. photo booth rentalThey will get them taken with friends they have made that night, or with their best friends in the whole world. They will keep them on their walls at work and on their fridge at home. It is a great way to give a take home gift to those who have come to your party and also to help them remember that party for a long time to come. It is a great way to break the ice and also to keep people entertained and occupied for the rest of the event. It makes people happy, and gives them a chance to be a little silly.

    Another piece of advice that we often offer to those who are party planning is that the more distractions you can offer to your guests the happier they will be and the better they will feel about the party. If you want to photo booth rentals that each have a different theme and are in different places, then that is even better than just having one. If there is one in each bathroom lounge area, that is fun too. The girls will have a great time while they are touching up their makeup, and taking photos with their girlfriends. There is no wrong way to go about using a photo booth rental in your party or wedding planning. The best option is just to be sure that you have one, and then to go from there. The guests will make it into something great, and they will love to remember how much fun it was.