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  1. What to Do if You’re Overqualified for Many Corporate Jobs

    February 28, 2015 by Emi

    Let’s suppose a few years back you were hired and with it you mapped out the different corporate careers that will follow. What you did not expect however is your company facing problems during the financial crisis and leading to you being laid off. Confident of your skills you do an executive job search and send out resumes. The sad thing is that you have yet to receive a reply. You have initially set your sights on managerial positions but realize that you may need to apply for corporate jobs with lower positions. This means that you will clearly be overqualified and may still not get the job. Fortunately there are a few ways to go around this and here we tell you how.

    executive job search

    Corporate jobs

    The first thing you need to do is to hold off on sending resumes. Sounds wrong? Well according to human resource experts, by sending resumes you stand a chance of getting rejected. What you should do instead is call or if that seems to forward, write a letter to the one in charge of hiring and tell them why you are qualified for the jobs they are offering.

    Even if you know that you are overqualified for position, do not volunteer that information, or even use that as your bargaining chip. Let them be the one to raise such issues on why you are not to be hired for the corporate jobs they are offering. By having the hiring manager state the issues, you will be at a position to answer them and convince them why they are not a problem to begin with. If they say for example that you may get bored once you start, counter with saying that there will always be something new to learn and that you are excited to do so.

    It is at this time that you can then use your additional qualifications as leverage. Tell them for example that since you have these qualifications then you know that you can rise up in the ranks and will bring more benefit to the company. Make sure that you share with them how these qualifications have helped you in the past and how it can help the company you are applying to. What this simply means is that you need to sell yourself and put in their minds the idea that you are who they need. Just remember to let them be the one to raise the issue of being overqualified.

    Finally when it comes down to it, be prepared to answer difficult, and sometimes embarrassing, questions. Don’t show weakness and give them the perception that even if the job may seem “beneath” you, you will always give it 100% of your effort and skills. Downplay whatever negative perception they may have and change it instead to something positive. If done correctly you will be able to get any corporate jobs out there even if you are overqualified.

    Remember just be humble and in the end you will get what you really want which is to stop doing executive job search and instead start going to work.



  2. Denver Massage Takes it to a Higher Level by Using Cannabis Oil

    February 28, 2015 by Jess

    If you are a highly active person, you probably know better than anyone what your body needs in order to recover from various injuries specific to your active lifestyle. Many people who are athletes strongly advocate for regular visits to a salon for massage or chiropractic therapies. However, for some sports related injuries a simple massage is not enough to heal the pain of the affected area.cbd massage therapy

    Yeden Massage Therapies takes things to the next level for athletes experiencing sports injuries by including cannabis oil massage into some of their valuable massage services. There are more and more healing professionals looking into the medicinal values in hash oil, especially now that medical and recreational marijuana has been legalized in the state of Colorado. Yeden being one of these professions to incorporate cannabis into healing through touch, they are experiencing an influx in customers seeking the soothing healing powers of cannabis oil. Focusing not only on various sports injuries, Yeden offers a wide range of massage service to cater anyone who might be experiencing pain or discomfort.

    Chronic Injuries

    -Arthritic Pain-

    For such a commonly occurring pain in so many people across the country, you would think there would be better remedies to ease the pain of such a chronic syndrome. Cannabis massage therapy can actually be a great way to start easing the ongoing pain caused by arthritis.


    Another common source of pain in regular grown adults, the hash infused in the oils used in this therapeutic massage can truly relax the muscles that are normally so irritated from painful movements in the body.

    -Back Pain-

    Aside from great chiropractic services, there is not really much as far as options go on ways to sooth chronic back pain. Even seeing the chiropractor as often as you should, can add up to be an arm and a leg. Look into the healing powers of cannabis oil and you might get the proper soothing you were looking for with much less of the cost.

    -Muscle Pain-

    No matter how often we stretch or move our bodies, there is really no way to completely avoid muscle pain, especially when it is chronic. Cannabis oil massage can be a great place to incorporate into your regular schedule to keep those muscles from painfully flaring up.


    Nothing is worse than a Charlie horse in the middle of the night unless you are talking about a Charlie horse in the middle of the night every night. This could be reason to visit your local massage parlor for a cannabis infused treat.

    Sports Injuries

    There are several sports related injuries that are hard for many basic practitioners to treat without proper training in sports education. It is really important to deal with these injuries properly so that you are able to get back out there and participate in your favorite sports. Here are all of the common injuries that Yeden specializes in and knows how to treat well.

    -Iliotibial Band Syndrome-

    -Anterior/Posterior Compartment Syndromes-

    -Rotator Cuff-


    -Lower Back Pain-

    -Neck Sprain-

    -Plantar Fasciitis-

    -Sciatica “piriformis syndrome”-

  3. Vinyl signs are a great choice for your business for many reasons.

    February 15, 2015 by lincoln Deffenbaugh

    One of the least expensive and most effective form of marketing your business can partake in are its signs.  The signs on the exterior and interior of your business say a great deal about what you do, and can work to attract new customers to your business or push them away to the competition.  There are many different types of signage a business can purchase.  The type they choose simply depends on the kind of business that they are, what they want to say about what it is that they do, and what types of people they want to attract.

    One of the most common types of signage are vinyl signs.  Vinyl signs generally refer to the signs that businesses place on glass windows or doors.  They are decals that stick on the window or door and identify the business.  There are many different options for businesses to choose from, and everything can be customized, from the design to the lettering to the size.  Here is a short list of some of the benefits of using vinyl signs are your business.

    http://www.signwire.com1.  Sleek.  One of the biggest benefits of using vinyl signs is that they’re incredibly aesthetically pleasing.  Rather than a large LED sign or metal sign that will obstruct the view, vinyl signs allow people to identify the business while still seeing the business itself.  For this reason, many banks, investment firms, accounting firms, and other high end firms choose to use vinyl signs at all of their business locations.

    2.  Easy to remove/replace.  One of the most advantageous aspects of vinyl signs is that they’re incredibly easy to put on, take down, or replace.  This is especially important for companies who are constantly re-branding their business, moving, or looking to make slight changes to their logo.  Vinyl signs can be put onto a window within just a couple of short minutes, and they can be taken down using a simple tool and some water.  For this reason, vinyl signs are the choice of businesses who move frequently.

    3.  Inexpensive.  Another great benefit of vinyl signs is that they’re incredibly inexpensive when compared to other types of signs.  Purchasing a large LED sign, a wood-carved sign, or a metal sign will cost your business a pretty penny.  At the end of the day, a well-designed vinyl sign can perform the same task as these other types of signs, namely identifying the business, without all of the upfront costs.

    4.  Transparent.  As was mentioned in point 1, a great benefit of vinyl signs is that they’re transparent, allowing people to see into the business while still knowing what it is.

    5.  Durable.  Finally, vinyl signs are incredibly durable.  On average, they can last for several years and up to a decade without needing any sort of maintenance.

    SignWire,, is a great place to start if you’re looking for custom vinyl signs.  They can handle any design you are thinking of and will have your sign made in no time at all.  Even updates or changes that need to be made in the future can be made by their highly trained staff.

  4. Driver Safety is More Likely When Drivers Are In Compliance With Company Rules

    February 14, 2015 by Linda Wilhemsen

    With effective fleet management demands, Cartasite is able to deliver real-time visibility into the operating condition and location of every asset, remote worker and vehicle. With GPS asset tracking, they can improve driving behavior through automatic feedback. This will save you time and money and will increase worker safety. Make sure that your workers are equipped with an enterprise-grade communication and safety lifeline. They will have full coverage at all times since the satellite-based emergency locator runs on either continuous power or batteries so your workers have full coverage all the time. Make sure that your workers are equipped with the equipment that they need in order to stay in communication with managers at all times. This can be crucial if there is an emergency such a failure of some of the assets. If there is an emergency, it’s very reassuring that you and they can stay in communication and they will know and you will know what needs to be done to take care of the emergency. Every company that is in this business will greatly benefit from the use of this kind of equipment. They will be able to stop spills and leaks or other emergencies that should arise. fleet managementThis kind of coverage is very smart as some disaster can be alleviated very quickly because of the awareness of the problem very quickly.

    Fleet management is very important as it can save lots of time and money. If all of your drivers are monitored and they can no longer waste time, drive recklessly, or cause other problems it will save the company lots of money. Improving driver behavior is very important to the safety and the bottom line of your company. Drivers are given the thumbs up when they are found in complete compliance with all rules. If they are repeatedly speeding and driving recklessly, they will soon be caught and will be out of compliance. Once most of the drivers are used to the monitoring system, they will stay in compliance. You will see a big difference in the savings that you will get through the saving of fuel and increased production as they will be doing a little less idling and making fewer unnecessary stops. Some drivers try to get in too much overtime and that is not a good idea as being tired can cause accidents. Since this is monitored they will put a stop to that also. It’s always a good idea to monitor driver safety.

    Since the EPA can assess huge fines on non-compliant companies, Cartasite has developed a simple solution to ensure that wellsite emissions are minimized. The new system takes only minutes to install and ensures that tanks are properly sealed. Non-compliance will put the company at risk as well as the fines assessed them. The local community is aware of any tanks that are not sealed properly and they are always there to complain as this is their home and they don’t want any environmental issues. It’s important to keep them happy.

  5. The Main Pros and Cons of Installing Window Shutters

    February 8, 2015 by V.

    shuttersWindow shutters serve a number of uses, and the most common are discussed below:

    Filtering Lights – owners get better control of the glaring lights that may be shone inside the home. Depending on the width of the slats and whether these are created horizontally or vertically, the owner can slant it at different angles to get better control during the day and night.

    Energy Efficiency – there are basically two varieties of window shutters on the marketplace, including interior and exterior window shutters. These are then subdivided into different styles, sizes and materials. The sun blocking nature of the shutters help them reduce energy use in the home.

    As an example, long and warm summer days are filled with excessive heat, that’s retained inside the home. By blocking the sun’s blazing glare, the home will be much cooler. In addition, there will usually be less need for the air cooling system to get more energy and power for use. One way of downsizing the electric bill is to install solar panels, which cut the cost to nil. There are multiple more ways to cut down the cost of energy in the home, including home temperature automation. Readers should note that shutters, blinds and other window treatments can also be automated for better control.

    The best types of shutters to insulate the home and cut down on energy are sturdy wooden varieties. Several styles can be selected from to match the color scheme and décor in your home.

    Styles – there are multiple styled blinds on the marketplace. Customers should examine the style of their windows, and select patterns that are compatible with them. If you’re having trouble with selections, there are multiple solutions, including speaking to a customer service representative through the supply firm. In addition, there are online forums and look books to examine. The most hassle free option however would be to hire an interior designer to get the job done with ease.

    Easy Breezy – are you someone who loves nature, and all the energy that comes from this wonder? If so, you’re likely to open the windows and doors in your home, than constantly run the air conditioning. A window shutters helps to filter the breeze through windows. If this is your aim, consider window shutters with larger width slats of more than two inches for example.

    Improved Value – there’s no going wrong when beautiful shutters are installed in the home. Because of the above benefits, along with other advantages that are not discussed here, the price of the home is usually increased as a result of installation.

    One other consideration includes that even though these might increase the value of a home, the owner has the option to remove these and take them to a new home is chosen. This is especially the case for interior window shutters.

    When choosing any types of window treatments, be sure to select one that matches your budget, tastes and décor in the home. One of the most popular options are Hunter Douglas blinds.


    February 5, 2015 by Sonny Andrew

    1. The brand name. Everyday people and designers are well aware that a good, brand name can really drive up the price of window coverings. The fact that a window covering is not made by a large, brand name maker, does not mean that they are not high quality. There are a lot of small, very fashionable window coverings designers who may not be known on the market, but who produce consistent, quality products. Having said that, the brand name window coverings are generally preferred by designers in charge of home decoration for two main reasons. The first reason designers go with brand name window coverings makers is that they more often than not come with guarantees. No matter which way you cut it, it is hard to provide people with the same sense of assurance that a guarantee can offer, especially when you might be talking about a 300 dollar set of cordless shades. The promise from a company that you will be satisfied or you will get your money back is a huge bonus for lots of folks. The second reasons that designers and other decorating pros may prefer the brand name window coverings is that brand name coverings sell better when it comes to resell value. If a person gets to the point where they want to move and their house or apartment is going up on the market, being able to tell the interested party that their whole house is decked out with brand name furnishings, window coverings and other household items is a great advantage and can help the deal to move faster and the ultimate price to be higher.
    2. The material they are made from. The cheapest material a window covering can be made from is usually plastic and from there is just goes up and up. Wood has become a very common material for custom shutters over the last few years because of wood’s popularity across a large scale of different design themes. As pricey as wood can get, it is not by a long shot the most expensive material being used in high end window coverings. There are companies that produce all silk curtains, window blinds made from crystal and high quality glass. You have many shutters that are being made from materials salvaged from older houses; these “antique” restored window coverings are huge in upscale decorating themes. In the end, for most of us the importance is in if the material will last and stay looking good into the future.
    3. Where the window coverings come from can make a huge difference concerning their cost. Of course, like most items, China produces the lowest cost products on the market, which is not to say that many of the window coverings made in china are of poor quality. In fact, China enjoys the reputation of being an excellent source of window coverings. If a window covering comes from Europe, especially France or Italy, the price is greatly increased, and all thought the quality does tend to be very good from these countries, one should never assume that just because a product comes from Europe that it is worth the big price tag.

  7. The Things to Remember After Using an RV Storage

    February 3, 2015 by Emma

    self storage rentalIt is common for people to not realize that there are some things that need to be done at the end of the winter before you can use your RV again. You cannot just simply start our RV, take it out of the RV storage unit, and go camping right away. There will be a full inspection that will need to be done to make sure that it is truly ready to be out and in use again. Some people have had to wait a month or so after they remove it from the RV storage garages before the RV is ready for use. There may be some required maintenance that will need to be done before it is even safe for anyone to be in it. Cleaning is just the very basic thing that needs to be done. There are things that are a lot more important than cleaning the RV after removing it from the RV storage units.

    1. The routine deep cleaning will need to be done on both the interior and exterior of the RV. This may mean that the carpets, if there are any, will need shampooing. Clean bedding and towels for the bathrooms can be stocked. The couch cushions, tables and counters will all also need to be sanitized.
    2. The air filters will need to be either replaced or thoroughly cleaned. If you choose the cleaning route you can take the hose of a vacuum to get all of the built up dust out of the filters. This is important because you will not breathe very clean air in if this is not done.
    3. You will want to make sure that you are fully inspecting all of the hoses that bring something into the RV. During the months that it was in an RV storage unit a lot of things could have taken place. This may include the water hoses, propane lines, and the fuel lines. If all of these things are good to go then you are ready to move on to the next part of the inspection.
    4. Make sure that all the bolts are tightened throughout the RV. You do not want to be driving to your next camping destination and a bolt falls off and causes an accident, which is if they are the bolts from the wheels.
    5. Removing all of the nests from birds, bees, ants, or any other rodent will be very important. There should be nothing left from the RV storage unit inside the RV.
    6. The battery life should be checked upon removal from the RV storage because you will not be able to operate it if you are running on a dead battery.

    All of these mentioned inspection instructions for the removal from your RV storage will be very important in order to prevent any damage from occurring to the RV itself. Some of the inspections may require a professional in that particular field to verify that it is in working order.

  8. Obtaining FHA Mortgage loan effectively:

    January 29, 2015 by Emma

    In USA, home ownership rate is rapidly increasing with the supporting of implementation of FHA mortgage. It helped the Americans to achieve financial independence that occupying a home. At the start of the program in 1990, the company has insurance the 33 million home mortgages. But now, more than 800,000 home owners opted under FHA. If you are finding ways to get a mortgage loan then you should check the FHA mortgage loan. When it comes to be eligible for a home loan, there may be variety of options available or you. It is good to choose the best loan plan according to your requirements. Among these programs, FHA mortgage is at the top of list. This type of borrowing facility is designed for home owners. These loans can be used to purchase a residential building or refinance an existing home loan. Below are the well-known benefits of a FHA program.

    • FHA mortgage loan is offered at a lower down payment. The recent minimum down payment for FHA is 3.5%. The authentic sources of the fund of down payment includes gift from family, friend, or church. With the help of down payment, FHA mortgage loan program supports buyers to purchase a new home.
    • FHA loan allow the seller to contribute in a closing cost. It is extremely important in purchasing a new house and reducing the amount of money you required for closing.
    • Another advantage of FHA loan is mortgage insurance. Mortgage insurance is approved with the approval of loan.
    • One of the great advantages of FHA mortgage is the eligibility to do a streamline refinance. It facilitates the homeowner to transfer the existing loan into a new FHA mortgage loan.

    In case, if you have had a bad credit history or no traditional credit, don’t assume that it is difficult to obtain FHA financing. These loans allow the person to take over the new mortgage without paying an extra cost. An FHA loan plans works with no prepayment penalties. Its mean, if you are not able to repay the mortgage early then you will face any charges or fines. All the borrowers are liable to maintain the origination cost below the 1% of the total loan amount. It also helps you to save money at the time of closing. FHA may also help you by providing mortgage insurance at the time of closing the cost. All these positive points made by the FHA mortgage are very attractive opportunities for the serious applicants.

    FHA loan is ideal choice for the lower middle class who want to support their pocket to be qualified for a home loan.  In order to participate in a FHA loan programs, the applicant should not have to fulfill the certain criteria and make an application form to be approved from a lender. The requirements for the qualification are different   on the basis of the needs of lender. There are plenty of FHA approved lenders you just need to find the one who offers the best rates. You can internet for this mission.

  9. Five things to keep in mind when you’re purchasing a Rega turntable.

    January 26, 2015 by lincoln Deffenbaugh

    If you were to poll every person on the planet about what their top ten favorite things to do are, you can bet that listening to music would be high on the list for most people.  Listening to music can help people get ready for a big game, can relax people at the end of the day, or can help people to focus when they are studying for a big examination.  Many studies conducted over the years have showed how listening to certain types of music can help to reduce blood pressure, fight heart disease, alleviate stress, and help with numerous other health issues.  For most people, there is something relaxing or exciting about sitting down and listening to their favorite music or heading to a show to bob their head with hundreds of other people.

    http://www.soundstagedirect.comAlthough most people agree that listening to music is fantastic, there are as many different musical tastes as there are people on the planet.  Some people love only hip hop and country music, while others prefer either gospel or heavy metal.  The kind of music that a person likes to listen to can say a great deal about who they are, what they believe in, and what things they like to do.  However, in many cases the kind of music a person likes can be surprising.  Who, for example, would think that a person who dresses as a cowboy only likes listening to gangster rap artists like Notorious B.I.G. or 2Pac?

    Just like there are many different types of music people listen to, there are also many different ways in which people like to listen to it.  More and more people, for example, are starting to listen to music on turntables again.  Most people who enjoy listening to music are turntables are those who claim the sound comes out better, allowing them to catch every single aspect of a particular song.  One of the most common turntables sold now are Regas.  If you are planning on purchasing a Rega turntable, there are five things you should consider before making your purchase.

    1.  What will you be using it for?  It is important to know what you plan on using the turntables for.  Are you going to be playing shows, listening at home, or setting it up for social events?  Understanding what you’ll use it for can help you purchase the right kind of Rega turntable for your needs.

    2.  How much are you willing to spend?  Set a budget and stick to it.

    3.  How easy will it be to maintain?  Ask the sales representatives this question, and determine which turntable will be best for you.

    4.  Where will you be keeping it?  Understanding where you’ll be storing it can help you determine how much space you’ll have for it.

    5.  Which accessories, if any, will you need?  Are you going to be needing speakers, extra needles, and other accessories?  Consider this before purchasing any turntable, as the price of different accessories can vary greatly.

    Another common purchase is VPI turntables, known for their high quality and excellent sound production.  The same five considerations listed above should also be a part of determining which VPI turntables will be best for you.

  10. How celebrity endorsements have evolved

    January 25, 2015 by Kelly Bateson

    After much work and worry, your celebrity endorsement strategies have paid off. You receive a thank you note from Jennifer Aniston with regards for the lovely spa weekend you treated her to. Or you receive a photo from Brad Pitt wearing the suit you sent him. So what do you do next? Now that you’ve seemed to have landed the big kahuna, do you keep reaching out to new celebrities? Do you simply expect that Jennifer and Brad are going to now start talking you up every chance they get? In a word, no. It’s time to stop and leverage these new celebrity relationships in order to make the most of them. Otherwise, you’ll never be able to count on them to bring sales to your company and to promote your brand.

    Want to hear the good news? Well, the good news is that the photo you received and the  note you were sent are not hard to leverage. What do you do if it’s so easy? Well, attach the photo to an email. Despite the instinct to publicize the note, don’t. I’ll explain later in the post. Contact the press directly; again, an email blast is usually the best technique. After all, it is merely an abbreviated press release in the form of an email. A good email blast contains a subject line (keep this concise but include the celebrity’s name. This will immediately grab the media’s attention), a headline, a few sentences about how the celebrity is and has been associated with your product, a few sentences about your company and about the product or service, a photo of the celebrity carrying or wearing your product, and a signature with complete contact info.

    When you are explaining the celebrity’s association with the product, be concise. Try to do so in four sentences or less. As previously stated, don’t forget to include a picture of the client wearing or holding the product. Seeing is believing. In your email blast, don’t include the note, for the note was meant for your eyes only. Any inclusion in a public display might be viewed as an invasion of privacy. Such an invasion might annoy the celebrity and cause a breakage in relationship.

    Regarding the photo you send, do not send it as an attachment but instead make it part of the email photo. Gmail will allow you to embed a photograph directly into the body of the email. This is superior to an attachment since it is immediately visible and doesn’t require any clicking. If the photo isn’t yours, incldue a link to the website where you originally found it.

    Without question, celebrity endorsements make an immense impact on consumer choices. You want to get the connection between your product and the celebrity out there so consumers can see it and so they can come back and buy your product. And e-blast, again, is an excellent first step toward doing that. You want the celebrity on your side, on the side of your product. Go out there and make it happen.





  11. Get help for your business with a marijuana consultation company

    January 24, 2015 by Shauna

    Running a business is difficult no matter what industry you are getting into or what exactly you are trying to do. There are a lot of complicated decisions that might have far further reaching ramifications than you might be aware of at the time. While it is difficult to run any kind of business, when you explore the relatively new legalized industry of growing and selling marijuana, it is even more difficult. After all, when it comes to something like selling furniture, hundreds of thousands of people have done it before you and have, more or less, figured out the important things that work really well as well as those things that don’t work particularly well. The path has been set so to say and people can look to their examples to gain an idea on what they should do now.

    marijuana growing With growing and selling marijuana, there are far fewer resources available for new business owners or those who are even thinking about starting there own business. Now that the industry has had a little bit of time to start to figure itself out though, there are at least a few places for people to look if they want help. One of those options is get assistance from a marijuana consulting company like Pinnacle Consulting. These companies have been designed in order to help those in all aspects of the marijuana industry do anything that they need to do. These marijuana consulting companies know everything there is to know about practically every piece of marijuana no matter if it issues with growing and cultivating or further along steps such as how to maximize your yields or to get rid of pests that are taking control of your plants. They can even help you with legal issues that you might run into if you do something stupid or run into some terrible luck. These are the kinds of companies that exist for any other kind of industry out there and are finally available to those in the marijuana industry.

    No matter what phase your marijuana growing, selling or anything else company is at, there are going to be a number of very valuable and important pieces of information and help that can be given to you by the professionals at Pinnacle Consultation. This way you can be sure not only to get your business off to the right start but also have the resources at your disposal to be able to succeed and thrive in your new business. The staff at Pinnacle Consultation have dealt with practically every hurdle and problem imaginable within the marijuana selling and growing industry so no matter what you need, the professionals are there to help you make the most out of your company and the goals that you have set for yourself personally as well as for the company. With the help of the professionals your company is sure to do well and be able to get over any possible problem that you might come across during your hopefully long stint in the marijuana growing or selling industry.

  12. Social media marketing is a great tool for website development.

    January 23, 2015 by Beth

    For those of you who were of the original Facebook era as in The FaceBook intended only for folks who have a college email, it might still be a little startling to see your parents spending fair amounts of time dallying away on their Facebook account. Perhaps they even have their own Instagram or Twitter. While it might seem a little strange at first, we are website developmentcoming into a time where it should get less and less strange for young people as so much is happening on line. Our social media profiles have become an extension of ourselves in a way that is far more in-depth than sharing how “complicated” your relationship with your new beau is. There came a time when the original Facebook users had to switch gears and take off all of the photos of them drinking at bars and delete the offensive comments by their old room mates because their little brother and their grandmother now have Facebook. Yikes! In addition to family having Facebook, now potential new bosses can check our your profile to learn a little bit more about you.

    Even this is old news to most of you, we have adapted to know that social media is something that nearly every single person uses. It makes sense that a smart way to run a business is by doing so in a way that everyone can access. That easy way is through a social media presence. It is so easy to share, to like, to communicate through social media profiles so it makes sense that smartly running your social media campaign can bring in a ton of business. However it is not as simple as all of that. There is a little more to it than meets the eye. That is why so many people are reaching out to website design companies that make it their business to help companies manage their social media campaigns. Designs with Merit is one such company that helps a plethora of businesses access a wider client base through social media.

    Designs with Merit has a process that is unique to their expertise in social media marketing. It can be broken down in just five simple steps:

    • Listen. They will learn as much about you and your business as they possibly can. They need to know what you know about your business so they can best tailor your social media campaign to you. Let them know your business’ missions, goals and vision.
    • Creative Development. Through listening, Designs with Merit can determine your audience. Then they can create content that will engage that audience through videos, blog posts and much more.
    • Launch and Monitor. As some point, you have to take the leap! Designs with Merit uses their website development skills to put your company out there through social media. They will continually update your pages to keep people engaged.
    • Convert. Through your social media campaign, they can convert on-lookers into customers!
    • Analyze. Improve. Expand. Part of having an on-line presence is always evolving with the times.

    No matter what your social media marketing needs, Designs with Merit has you covered.

  13. Marijunana lab consulting is a big step for the industry.

    January 22, 2015 by Jon

    With the passage of Amendment 64 in the November 2012 election, we have seen the emergence of many different businesses be created to support the nascent marijuana industry.  The impacts of the passage are still being figured out, but it is difficult to argue with all of the economic activity that has been boosted.  More people are working in jobs that benefit the state and more people are spending money as a result.  It is truly an interesting thing to take a look at, in terms of jobs created and benefits for people of the state of Colorado.  Nevertheless, there is still a need for increased testing in the industry.  There are a number of things that businesses can take on and one of the most important things they can focus on is the development of a standard for the industry.

    cannabis consultingRecently there have been issues with the potency of the marijuana.  It is not that the products are not potent enough; it comes down to the fact that you do not know how much of the active ingredient, THC, is in a hard candy or a chocolate bar or even a drop of a solution.  As a result, there needs to be regulation around the creation of standards to ensure that people are using products in a responsible way that is not going to adversely impact their health.

    One of the best ways for the industry to address this is through the development of different labs to promote the study of marijuana.  Fortunately, there are labs out there that will help.  One of the most notable is a marijuana consulting lab, which can help other labs set up the materials and the needs to serve the populations with which they work. With the newly found expertise that this lab is able to provide startups, newer labs will be able to develop their products faster and better help the industry determine the needs and the issues that have to be addressed by the growers and the suppliers to the public.

    The emergence of all of the businesses selling marijuana will be great for the state, but there are still some important issues that the state needs to work through and regulation is one of them.  With the creation of these labs, there is going to be a good chance that the industry will be able to develop the marijuana products necessary to help people and the growers and sellers. Through the creation of more labs, it will be a catalyst for the industry and help to convince other states that the development of a long term marijuana plan can help their economies too.  There is a long way for the country to go when it comes to drug policy, but there are some simple things that can be done by the industries to support the state legislatures.  So if you are looking to open a lab, consider contacting one of the consulting laboratories in the state to get help setting up your own.


  14. Self storage is a great solution for all of your outdoor toys

    January 15, 2015 by Megan Crow

    self storageIf you live in the mountains, you are probably an avid outdoor sportsman. You probably love to hike, ski, fish, kayak, or play in the snow. Over time, you have probably accumulated a good amount of toys to support your outdoor habit. You may have collected items critical to your adventurous nature. If you happen to live in a small space with very little storage, where in the world do you put it all? Do you have things scattered about your apartment? Or do you try to shove it all in a closet or under your bed? Sometimes that just is not possible. Sometimes these items are just too big to put just anywhere. When your outdoor toys have outgrown your space, think about self storage as a solution.

    Have a snow mobile? Or have two? No problem. A storage facility in your neighborhood should have plenty of storage space for your snow toys. Sometimes it is just not feasible to park your snow mobiles in your driveway. Or even if it is feasible, sometimes it is just not practical. Why clutter up your driveway with items you do not even use most of the year? Why not store your snow mobiles in a safe climate controlled storage unit instead? Not only will you free up your driveway, you will be protecting your snow mobiles from the elements as well. You can conveniently store them when not in use and equally as conveniently get them out when you need them.

    Are you a ski bum or snowboarding addict? Do you live for the snow and look forward to the first flakes of the year? Have you collected so much ski or snowboard gear that you have run out of places to put it? Skis and snowboards are both cumbersome and sometimes challenging to find a place to put them. Self storage can help you out. Keep those awesome items in storage during the warmer months and break them out when you are ready to shred some snow. All of that gear can add in terms of space, so consider storing them offsite instead of in your home, especially if you live in a small space or have very little storage.

    Love to kayak in the summertime? Or canoe across a lake in the fall? Great! Where do you keep these large items during those wintery cold months when not in use? A storage unit of course! Self storage is the perfect solution for these really big rides. Since these items are typically a large investment, you would be wise to protect them from the elements or from any damage. A storage unit is a great way to protect your investment.

    Need a place to store all of your adventure toys? Look into the option of renting a storage unit. It is a great place to put your gear when not in use. There are varying sizes of units to choose from that can provide you with the appropriate amount of space for your items.

  15. Essential oil based fizzy baths are fun and therapeutic!

    January 15, 2015 by Caroline Yates

    For those who have children, bath time can be a bit problematic. After all, who likes forcing a child who doesn’t want to go into a bathtub? What’s more, imagine said child is sick and fussy on top of needing a bath. These are all scenarios we have all had to deal with at one point or another and ones that leave us feeling not only frustrated, but also very aware of the fact that we need to be clean, as do our kids. Plus, children and adults alike have things that bother them, both physically and emotionally. Whether your child is http://www.planttherapy.comone who has trouble sleeping or perhaps trouble focusing in school, there is truly something for everyone when it comes to essential oils. So, why not combine, for example, the power of frankincense oil from Plant Therapy with the wonderful feeling of a good relaxing bath? This is what you can get all when you make a homemade fizzy bath mix. The process is easy, and it gives you an opportunity to do something good for your children while also making that something fun! After all, who doesn’t love a great fizzy bath? Plus, with the seasonal illnesses cropping up everywhere as well as the traditional holiday stresses abounding, it can be a challenge to make sure that everyone gets the right amount of down time, including yourself! So, to recap, making these fun bath time means creating a great bath time remedy and entertainment for your children and a great way to relax for you; it clearly can’t get any better than that!

    So, how does it work? Creating these little gems is easy but does require a bit of patience. You’ll need to start with two and a half cups of baking soda, one cup of epsom salt, a quarter cup of citric acid, two tablespoons of jojoba, and the essential oils of your choosing! You’ll start by mixing the dry ingredients together in a medium bowl. Next, add fifteen to twenty drops of your favorite essential oils to the jojoba, then combine the dry mixture as well as the oils. Mixing these things together does require a little bit of patience, and you will need to spritz frequently with water to prevent the citric acid from fizzing before you get in the bath! Once the mixture is together enough, press into molds and let dry for a day in the mold. Store the bath fizzes in an air tight container, and you are finished! As mentioned before, these make great gifts or are great for you and your family. Here are some essential oil combination ideas, also great in an aromatherapy nebulizer!

    • “Let it Go” and “Night Night” for adults and children respectively. These are great for adults and children alike who tend to get worked up before bed.
    • Relax Synergy is perfect for a relaxing night in, and a bath with a glass of wine.
    • Calming the Child or Sweet Dreams essential oil combinations are also perfect for the kids as they need to wind down before heading to bed!

  16. Get a professionally designed event booth to showcase your baked goods at the next farmer’s market

    January 10, 2015 by Teresa

    Deciding to open your own bakery is an exciting, life altering choice. It can take a lot of work but if it is something one loves to do, then it can be one of the most rewarding careers possible. The trick is to make it successful enough that the owner can live off of it and also not have it run their entire life. Bakeries in particular can be tricky operations to run because everything needs to be baked fresh almost every day, and if it sells bread, then the first person in the door needs to arrive in the middle of the night to start baking for many items. This can be daunting and exhausting, and an unappealing prospect to many. But there are other alternatives to getting a bakery off the ground which might allow a person to one day be able to open that store front without having to be there at one in the morning every day.

    • Consider an expo or other trade show-like event. There are many different markets for bakery items besides an actual store front. Consider for example, wedding expos where couples who are planning their weddings might be trying out different cakes. Having an event booth at something like that can broaden your customer base without requiring a store front.
    • Invest in a good website, logo, and some professional marketing help. Having an excellent website that reliably shows up in search results can go a long way towards getting business from people who are searching for bakery items online. Consider the variety of people looking for things like that, such as event planners, brides planning their weddings, and corporate parties looking for dessert catering. The possibilities are endless and if you have a good website with contact information where they can place an order, you can plan around incoming orders just using a rented commercial kitchen space.
    • Try out a local farmer’s market. Sell pastries or cake slices individually to people who are walking around snacking, and consider consulting with a professional designer such as Interglobal Exhibits to make sure that your event display showcases your products in the best possible light. They can help you design a case for your baked goods along with signage, lighting, and any other element that cantrade show display make you stand out from the competition. People walking around farmer’s markets will often stop in for a snack at the nearest booth selling ready to eat items, and you will want to be able to get them a delicious cookie, brownie, or slice of cake on a moment’s notice. You can also accept orders for birthday cakes, wedding cakes, or any other type of catering at the show itself, but the main draw is going to be your delicious items showcased in a beautiful display, designed by a professional. It is one easy and much more affordable way to have your own little store without actually opening up a full store front. Think about one of these for your bakery today.

  17. It is Important to Go to the Right Medical Marijuana Dispensaries.

    January 6, 2015 by Ben Brannian

    medical marijuana dispensariesMedical marijuana is an often discussed subject, in today’s society, and, as more and more studies come out, it is starting to look like a very legitimate and worthwhile medical pursuit.  After all, medical marijuana has the ability to treat many different conditions, in ways that most other drugs and treatment methods cannot.  If for no other reason, medical marijuana is an extremely safe drug, as it has a fairly low risk of dependency and, essentially, no risk of overdose, no matter how much of it is ingested.  Apart from that, it is promising because of the wide range of serious and chronic conditions, for which it is an extremely effective treatment.  Furthermore, because there are so many different kinds of marijuana products and strains, it is important to go to the right medical marijuana dispensaries.  They all carry different marijuana strains and products, and, in order for treatment to be maximally effective, you need to find something specifically suited, to your chronic condition or ailment.

    Marijuana is an extremely unique drug, and it has a lot of potential, to do a lot of good.  For that matter, it already has had an enormous impact on those who use the drug, every day, to relieve their symptoms.  Whether you have glaucoma, cancer, anxiety, or one of countless other conditions, you may be able to find amazing symptom relief, in the form of marijuana.  That being said, for maximum effectiveness, it helps to find specific strains and products that are recommended, to treat your condition.  Every strain has a unique effect, as a result of the fact that each strain has a unique combination of cannabinoids.  Of these, THC is the most famous, simply because it is found in the highest concentrations, and it is the cannabinoid that is primarily responsible for creating the feelings of euphoria and concentration, which recreational users seek.  This is not to say that THC does not have its medical uses, as it is one of the most effective natural pain killers, with a much lower rate of dependency than opiates and opioids, and virtually no risk of overdose.  So, though THC is not the only important cannabinoid, most patience still want it there, in at least a small quantity.

    There are, however, certain marijuana strains and products that are bred to be low in THC, but high in other beneficial cannabinoids.  Of these beneficial cannabinoids, CBD is the most well-researched, and it has been shown to have amazing effects, when it comes to treating everything from cancer to seizures.  CBD strains are going to continue to rise in popularity, as medical marijuana takes off, across the nation.  CBD is interesting because it does not provide any intoxication, and it can even balance out some of the more unpleasant side effects that some users experience, with THC.  For this reason, despite what you may hear about marijuana’s effect on the brain, CBD can actually reduce the effects of anxiety and even psychosis, making it useful in the medical as well as the mental health field.

  18. It is Wise to Have the Contact Information of a Good Plumbing and HVAC Company, on Hand.

    December 27, 2014 by Ben Brannian

    plumbingThough your home is stationary, it is, in many ways, a functioning series of systems.  Everything from your plumbing to your electrical wiring needs to be functioning properly, in order for you to be able to live your life, in a way that is safe, comfortable, and enjoyable.  Needless to say, when one of these systems, such as your plumbing or HVAC, fails, it can be extremely frustrating.  Nonetheless, if you remain calm and call the right people, the problem will be solved, and you will be able to get back to your life.  In order to be thoroughly prepared, it is a good idea to have the contact information of a good plumbing and HVAC company, on hand, such as Papalia Plumbing and Heating, Inc, in Acton, Massachusetts.

    There are varying degrees of severity, when it comes to HVAC and plumbing problems, and it is helpful to able to tell the difference between a severe problem and one that is less severe.  In terms of plumbing, this is somewhat of a gray area, but there are a few things to look out for.  In extreme cases, emergency plumbing help is required.  Emergency plumbers are available at all hours of the night, since there is no telling when an emergency will occur.  That being said, you should not call an emergency plumber, for just any plumbing issues, so you should try to figure out how bad the problem is.  Generally speaking, if there is water currently leaking, in some area of your home, in large amounts, you should call an emergency plumber.  The reason this is such an urgent plumbing situation is the fact that water is destructive, to a variety of different materials, including wood, electronics, and most fabrics.  In order to avert massive amounts of destruction, which could total in the many thousands of dollars, you should undoubtedly call an emergency plumber.  On the other hand, if the leak is small and has occurred somewhere, such as a bathtub or sink, you can probably wait until business hours, to call your plumber.

    Though most plumbing issues are not emergencies, most of them are fairly urgent, meaning they should be dealt with quickly, preferably within a day of noticing the problem.  This is because even seemingly benign and minor plumbing problems are often symptomatic of other, more serious plumbing issues.  You can avoid the progression into more serious plumbing problems, though, if you are vigilant enough, to call a good plumber, right away.  Of course, it is imperative that the plumber you have called is knowledgeable, since ignoring or misdiagnosing your plumbing issue can put you in a difficult situation.  One of the most minor, yet still problematic, plumbing issues a clogged drain.  Clogged drains can be irritating, whether they occur in the bathtub or sink, and, more often than not, liquid drain cleaner is not enough to do the trick.  Fortunately, a drain cleaning is a simple procedure, and any skilled plumber can have it done, in a matter of minutes, in most cases.

  19. If you are single, plan your retirement around a CCRC.

    December 27, 2014 by lincoln Deffenbaugh

    http://www.morningstarseniorliving.comOne of the most common practices around the world is to work until a certain age and then retire.  People choose to retire later in life because they have their financial needs meet and they’d like to spend their time pursuing recreational activities.  There are some people out there that choose to work until they no longer can, but most people only work until they no longer need to.  As soon as they are sure that they will have enough money to last them the rest of their life, they quit their jobs and enter retirement.  For most people, retirement is something to aspire to, a state of being that only people who are disciplined are able to achieve.

    What often ends up happening to people in retirement, however, is that they soon grow bored.  If there is one thing you can say about a job, it’s that it occupies a great deal of time for people.  Once all of that time is made available to them, many people simply don’t know how to fill it.  For the first few months they might perform odd jobs around their home or complete projects that they’ve been meaning to tackle for years, but after a few months or years, people simply don’t know what to do.

    It is due to this boredom and lack of purpose that many people choose to live in a type of retirement community.  These communities put many people who are at the same stage of life (retirement) close together, so that they can join together for hobbies or other communal activities.  Having other people around opens up all kinds of options for people to do things.  This level of community helps to deteriorate some of that boredom that many people feel, giving their life purpose and meaning once again.

    These types of communities are also great for people who either choose or end up being single during their retirement.  Any manner of CCRC, continuing care retirement community, is a great option for people who are single, because it allows them the opportunity to socialize with other people and make friends.  Even if people choose to be single, it can still get quite lonely during retirement if they have no one to spend their time with.  CCRCs at the very least provide people with optional communal meals and activities that they can join and take part in at their leisure.

    Another great benefit of retirement communities is that many of them have a great deal of amenities available.  For example, many retirement communities come complete with swimming pools, tennis courts, golf courses, bowling alleys, and other amenities that residents can use when they like.  This provides them with all manner of options to do things.  Also, it gives them even more opportunities to meet new people and build relationships.  It is for these many reasons that many people plan their retirement around CCRCs or other types of retirement communities.  MorningStar Senior Living,, is a great senior living company that offers various different types of options for seniors and people retiring.  Look into their organization to learn more about the many different options you have when it comes to retirement.

  20. The Deal with Plantation Shutters

    December 22, 2014 by Emi

    What are plantation shutters? Think of it this way, they are like blinds for windows are made up of broad slats and then mounted to a solid frame. The main purpose of this type of shutters is to create a shade to ensure that the inside of the house remains cool but at the same it can help encourage air to flow freely inside. Are you still not familiar with them? They are also known as jalousies.



    Historically jalousies is said to have been used as early as the Middle Ages. The reason why they were used during this period was because windows then did not use glass. Thus in rainy or during strong winds, all one needed to do was close the shutters and when it was all over, they could then be opened. They could also be opened to improve ventilation in the room and allow fresh air to come in. Going back to historical accounts, when the colonists reached South America, they found out that the way these window coverings were designed provided a good fit for the climate. Since they were used in many of the old plantation houses, it is said that this may be a reason why they are known today as “plantation shutters.”

    A plantation shutter can come in different sizes or shapes allowing them to fit in different types of windows. There are cases where they can even be used on doors. The original ones were designed specifically to fit in the whole window. They had a rod placed in the middle of the structure to allow a person to close or open the blinds. Additionally the plantation shutters were also hinged allowing them to be pulled and create a larger opening for better ventilation. There are also designs today wherein the shutters can be folded so that it is easier to open them wider.

    There are also those known as café-style. Unlike the usual shutters, they do not open all the way but only partway instead. This gives you a bit of privacy without closing the whole window. Today instead of being made purely of wood, some types have parts that are made of glass. With these improvements, one can better ensure proper insulation without sacrificing the amount of light that enters.

    In addition many of this type of window coverings come in different materials as well. It can be made from plastic or other composites. They are also available in many stores like Colorado Shade and Shutter. Aside from plantation shutters they also offer products like Norman Shutters, Sunland or Polywood.

    Jalousies are very good especially in areas or regions where you experience different types of weather. For hot months you can open them to let air in. During cold periods you can keep them closed without impeding your ability to see outside. If you want to know more about shutters visit the showroom of Colorado Shade and Shutter or go their website at

    Who knows? Maybe then you will receive that plantation shutters may be the right one for you.