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  1. There is a Medication Tracking App, which Provides Invaluable Information to Medical Researchers.

    September 22, 2014 by Ben

    medication tracking appWhen it comes to healthcare, anything that can be done to make it safer and better is a good thing.  Today, one of the biggest concerns, when it comes to medical care, is medication and its side effects.  A lot of people in the United States take some sort of medication or another, and it is in the best interest of everyone if as much as possible is known about these drugs.  Even drugs that are legally prescribed by doctors every day have side effects that doctors may be unaware of.  For this reason, it is important to be able to keep track of these side effects, as effectively as possible.  In order to best do that, patients need a way to report them, immediately.  Fortunately, as a result of new technology, that is now possible.  MedWatcher is a medication tracking app, which provides invaluable information about drug side effects, to medical researchers.  Of course, it does more than that, but medication tracking is one of its primary functions.

    Tracking the side effects of medications is an incredibly important field, for obvious reasons.  More people, in the United States, than ever before are on some sort of prescription medication.  Because of this, it is more important than ever before that doctors know what to expect, to at least some degree, when they prescribe a medication. Medications are erratic, and this is not the fault of doctors.  Nevertheless, when a doctor prescribes a drug, he or she never knows exactly what will happen.  That being said, the more times the drug has been studied and prescribed, the more information there typically is available, concerning what to expect, in terms of side effects.  So, when it comes to very new drugs, there is often not as much information as doctors would like.  On the other hand, the new drugs often have potential to treat diseases in safer or more effective ways, so it is a difficult decision.  That is why things like MedWatcher are so helpful.  It is a very simple and effective means by which patients can communicate their side effects and drug reactions, to people who can use that information to help people in the future.  If you participate in drug tracking, by way of a side effects app, everyone, including you, will be less likely to suffer a reaction, in the future.

    MedWatcher is part of a larger movement, within the medical community, known as pharmacovigilance.  Though most commonly associated with ordinary prescription drugs, pharmacovigilance involves the tracking of information, regarding all medical products, such as vaccines and equipment.  By keeping track of these reactions, researchers can figure out patterns, in these side effects.  That way, they can better predict who will have a reaction and what type of reaction to expect.  The more information that is available to doctors, regarding these matters, the safer all patients will be.  In short, it may be in your best interest, after all, to download a drug tracking app, such as MedWatcher.

  2. Shopping for a birthday gift? Look no further than your local jewelry store.

    September 21, 2014 by Teresa

    A birthday gift for someone you care deeply about, such as a family member or a significant other, can be difficult to shop for. You might want it to be particularly thoughtful or meaningful, and depending on the birthday or any other occasions happening, you might want it to symbolize how you feel about them. Perhaps you are thinking about proposing, andengagement rings you might want to do it on their birthday to really surprise them. Maybe you are trying to get the perfect thing for your mother from her children and grandchildren. Either way, you can find almost anything for the loved ones in your life at a jewelry store like Davidson & Co. Jewels. Their wide selection and availability to customize makes them the one stop shop for birthday gifts and other celebrations. Here are just a few different ideas of infinite possibilities, all of them available at your local jewelry store.

    • Watch – Many men prefer to wear watches over other types of jewelry, and you will know the men in your life best. If they fall into this category, a nice watch with an engraving will be a significant gift for them that they are sure to love.
    • Diamond ring – Not every woman loves a diamond ring, but many of them do. Be careful with this, though. If you are not proposing to her or are already married to her, you are probably going to want to steer clear of this route. A diamond ring can be an excellent anniversary or birthday gift later on, but you can avoid a lot of awkward moments by choosing this one only in select circumstances.
    • Wedding bands – Typically you have already selected these and are probably already wearing them. But maybe you would like to add engraving or updating of some sort to them. In that case, it is a nice gift for your spouse. It can make a great anniversary gift for parents as well, to add a nice engraved message to their wedding bands after a certain number of years.
    • Other rings – These can run the gamut from simple to fancy, and can be indicative of a lot of different things. If you are grown children shopping for your parents’ birthdays or anniversary, consider picking out a slim band for each of you that they can wear, reminding them of all of their children. Similarly, if your wife or significant other just had a baby, get her a band lined with the birthstone of the child as a gift to show her you were thinking of her and how much you care.
    • Earrings, bracelets, and necklaces – There are so many different directions to go with these, and all of them can be found at your local jewelry store. Depending on who you are shopping for and what you are celebrating, there is a wide variety of styles, prices, and availability.

    These are just a few of literally hundreds of possibilities for gifts that you can give to the loved ones in your life.

    Davidson & Co Jewels

    1238 1st SW

    Calgary, AB t2R oV4

    (403) 457-3307



  3. Buy a new car in Denver.

    September 21, 2014 by Jon

    One of the great rings about the city of Denver is that there is so much to offer.  As a city, it has come a very long way to where it is now.  Currently, there are more people moving to Denver, or rather young people, than any other city in the country.  That is really saying something about the number of chances people have to succeed here.  Nevertheless, it is important to keep in mind that there are still a couple of things in Denver that can be improved.  While one would be the number of large employers here, we could do with a few more fortune five hundred companies, the other would be that our public transport system is lacking.

    new carsThe public transport system only seems to move people in the north and south directions. Going east and west requires hopping on one of the buses, which never seem to be moving that fast anyway.  As a result, you are stuck either riding your bike, which is an awesome option in the summer, or driving.  Driving in Colorado can be an interesting proposition because it means that you will be up in the mountains or down in the snow at some point.  Consequently, if you are thinking about buying a new car, it is wise to consider all of your options and your lifestyle. You want to be able to get a vehicle that will take you everywhere that you need to go and be reliable in the process.  With that in mind, I would suggest figuring out how to manage some of the options for when it comes time to actually selecting a car that works well for you.

    Throughout Denver there are quite a few different car dealership. The car dealerships all vary in stock and pricing, so it is important to shop around for the best deals that are available.  Each car dealership also has their own manufacturer’s cars, while a few from the other brands as well. As a result, you could easily find some of the cars from the various manufacturers on each car dealership lot, but you are going to find the best prices and the best selection from the cars that are supplied from the makers.  For example, you can walk around a Chevy dealer and find a few Fords, but your best bet is going to be to go to a Ford dealership to find the Ford that you are looking for. They are going to have quite a few options available, so it makes sense that you will be able to find something that works well for your budget and your lifestyle.  One would hope that all of the options are affordable, but that is not always the case, so consider going out and finding some pricing plans or financing, which is generally available for most people looking to buy a new or used car.  It is a great way to make yourself feel secure going into the future of your life.


  4. The top 5 things to look for in a company that provides flight airline training.

    September 20, 2014 by lincoln Deffenbaugh particular type ratings are crucial to the future and career success of pilots.  A type rating is a certification or license that a pilot obtains that allows them to fly particular airliners.  The wider a range of type ratings that a pilot has, the wider the range of airliners they will be able to fly.  This helps them to ensure that they will have a job as long as they would like, and also allows them to fly any airliners that their particular airplane company has.  However, it can be difficult for many pilots to find the flight training school to help them achieve their goal.  For many pilots, their company will choose the company that does their training, which makes life much simpler for the pilots.  However, for pilots who don’t have this luxury, here are the top five things to look for in a company that provides flight airline training.

    1.  Experience.  The most important thing to find in a flight airline training company is experience.  It is best for pilots to find companies that have been working with pilots for a long time and that understand all of the necessary steps and certifications that each pilot needs to ensure that they will have a career for a long time.  Also, it is crucial for pilots to find a company that has vast experience because they will want to be sure that when they finish their training, they really finished their training.  Experienced companies will know exactly what pilots need.

    2.  A wide variety of type ratings.  There are countless numbers of different airliners that are used for commercial purposes.  The restrictions and regulations that are required by law for pilots to be able to fly particular airliners are numerous.  Each airliner requires a pilot to obtain a particular type rating.  Therefore, to be sure that pilots will be able to fly a wide array of airliners, they should be sure to find a company that offers a wide array of type ratings.  Flight Training International is an example of a company that offers the 737 type rating, the a 330 type rating, and many more.  They are a great choice if a pilot needs a wide array of type ratings.

    3.  Difficulty.  This may seem counter intuitive, but it is important for pilots to find a flight training school that is difficult to complete.  This is important because a difficult training program will train pilots for the rigors of flying commercially.  If something happens when a pilot is flying commercially, a difficult training program will leave them trained to handle any issues they may come across.

    4.  Credibility.  It is also important for pilots to find a flight training school, like Flight Training International, that is respected by airline companies.  This is important because when pilots put their flight training school on their resume, they want it to be a positive thing that airline companies respect.

    5.  Cost.  The last thing to look for is a company that will train pilots for a decent price.  Gaining type ratings and licenses is expensive, but pilots don’t need to make it even more so if they can avoid it.


  5. Sex Toys Help the Longevity of a Relationship

    September 18, 2014 by Carol Vitagliano

    Experimenting in the bedroom can be quite fun and that is never more the case than if there are some sex toys introduced into the equation. My girlfriend and I decided some time last year that it would be worth investing in some sex toys to see how much fun we could really have in the bedroom. It did take some debate though and it was fun to discuss the ins and outs of our relationship in the bedroom. When you boil down most relationships, the most important thing is communication. Without communication, there is a good chance that someone is going to be upset about what is going on in the bedroom or anywhere else in the relationship.

    sex toysI know from my own experiences with my girlfriend, outside the bedroom, that is we start having an argument, the most important thing is to be communicative. It is easy to disagree with someone and that will happen because no one agrees with one another all of the time. The important part is starting a dialog to make sure that if a disagreement does occur, just how you are going to fix the situation. The exact same rule applies in the bedroom. Everyone has their own opinion about how they want to exercise and feel pleasure. A great way to make sure that your partner is having a good time is by checking in. Ask them how they want to be treated and what feels good to them. This is the most important step and definitely a huge piece in the relationship before moving toward introducing something like a vibrator. Trust is the most important factor in the bedroom and until that is achieved, you are not going to be able to try new things. Boiling that down even farther, it is important to keep those communication channels open so that each party feels comfortable in the bedroom.

    If the parties are not comfortable in the bedroom, it is important to address why that is the case. Sex should be comfortable for both parties, so if there is something that is taking place that is uncomfortable for one of the parties, it is important to figure out how that position or movement can be avoided. These things are stuff that come along in any relationship and that is why it is so important to have them addressed. It is easy to start slow, but through the process of communication, each party should be happy with their sex life.

    That is not to say that it is not fun to spruce things up every once in a while. A great way to do that, in my opinion, is through lingerie. This is a great way for the female to interest her partner and this is something that I love when my girlfriend does. It makes both people feel very sexy and it’s a great way to keep things intimate with an immediate injection of sexuality. It is the little things that keep a lot of relationships strong.

  6. Do you want to learn more about royalty investing?

    September 18, 2014 by Chelsie

    The use and development of investments and income properties is something that sounds foreign to a lot of people. We see commercials all the time touting their successful investments and IRAs and retirement plans and on and on and on. Unless your parents were pretty proactive about teaching you these things throughout high school and into college, you probably also don’t have the best idea of what exactly these terms mean and what they could mean in your life. Usually the crash course comes when you enter into your very first professional position. Your employment could be in any sector, that doesn’t matter as much. But your employer likely gave you options for IRAs or investments with the company or separate retirement plans or any combination of those. This is when the majority of us were forced to at least begin to understand what these terms meant so that we could decide which one sounded the best to us. Apart from that, however, there is still a lot of gray areas and vague catch phrases like “income properties” or “royalties” that we don’t understand.
    If this sounds a lot like your situation, but maybe you are afraid to admit it, you can look into getting some expert advice from the people who speak the language of investing. Yet again, there are a lot of companies that claim to know all of the ins and outs of investing and they may seem attractive because their consulting prices are low. Don’t fall for them. The income property firms or investing firms that truly know their stuff will shine through, and their costs will vary across the board. These are the companies to seek out if you need some clarification on the details of your potential investments. They can also guide you to which investing might suite you best, because everyone’s portfolio is a bit different and unique to that person’s style.
    Legacy Income Properties are one of those organizations that can really help with your royalty investingquestions and can guide you in the right direction for the future. Their experience spans over time and investment diversity so no matter what area you are interested in there will be an expert to help.
    A common investment for many people, whether they are just starting out or they have been investing for years, is assets in real estate. For those that invest heavily in real estate, Legacy suggests adding a little more diversity to the portfolio. This can be done right now with oil and gas mineral rights, which is a growing trend right now and a great opportunity to diversify.  Legacy Income Properties specializes in mineral rights because the costs, risks, and liabilities are much lower than with other traditional drilling investments. When you become an interest holder in oil and gas minerals you are free from liability on many fronts. Energy investments are always a great addition to a diverse and cutting-edge investment portfolio. So let Legacy explain the details so that you finally can say you understand your investments.

  7. How to find a new dentist in a new city

    September 12, 2014 by Shauna

    When moving to a new city you have a lot of things to worry about and figure out. Of course everyone thinks of the most important and obvious things like finding a job or a place to live but once you figure out those things there are a million other little things that need to be taken care of like finding a new doctor and dentist. This is something that we are all going to have to do at least once in our life but many of us do not know what the right steps are for us to find a really good dentist in our area. Let me help you out a little bit by giving you some tips on how to find the best possible dentist in your area to fit your needs. Also, all of these suggestions come from the American Dental Association so you know that they are quality resources that you can depend on.

    Invisalign1. The easiest thing overall is to just go to the American Dental Associations website and plug in your area code to see what they come up with as some of the best dentists in your area.

    2. Another good way to find a good local dentist is to ask the new people in the city that you meet. This may be easier for some people than others depending on how outgoing you are and in what context you meet people. Generally other people are one of the best resource for things like this though because they will tell you not only their good experiences but also their bad, which can help deter you from going to any dentist that is not up to the highest of quality standards.

    3. Once you find either a family doctor or a family dentist, you might be able to ask them if they know of either a good doctor or dentist. Even though doctors and dentists are not incredibly connected, they might be able to point you in the right direction for someone in the city who might have a good local reputation.

    4. If you haven’t moved yet, try asking your current dentist if they know of anyone in your new city. This will of course work better if you are not moving very far away but you might be surprised at the connections that your current dentist might have with other family dentists around the county.

    5.If none of these things work you are probably not trying hard enough or you are in a really weird situation. In this case you can always call or write your state dental society. Usually they will have good recommendations.

    Your dental health is an important decision that should be taken seriously, hopefully this will help you find a great dentist in your new home city. If you wait too long to find a great local dentist you will probably end up regretting it in the future. That is why it is important to figure all of this out as early as you can so that when you need it you have a great family dentist on hand. 

    Southmoor Pediatric Dentistry

    9094 E. Mineral Ave., Suite 240

    Centennial, CO 80112


  8. Bone marrow transplants are used to treat many different diseases of the human body.

    August 28, 2014 by Amanda Friese

    bone marrowThe human body is a truly amazing thing. Every second of the day your body is working to maintain healthy function and keep you alive. When something goes wrong in one area of the body there is a natural repair response that promotes the self-repair of any damaged tissues or organs. Sometimes this natural repair response is not equipped to fight certain diseases and can require medical intervention in order to return the body to its healthy functioning. In the medical field the focus on the body’s self-repair system is called regenerative medicine. Regenerative medicine is a relatively new branch of medical research and treatments that focuses on promoting the body’s natural repair systems in order to repair damage to tissues or organs caused by a number of different diseases, including many forms of cancer. This new and exciting field of medicine hopes to acquire a better understanding of the body’s self-repair system in order to find ways to promote the system and keep the body healthy without the use of synthesized medicines. Regenerative medicine typically focuses on medicine biologics, which is a branch of medicine that utilizes naturally occurring substances to treat disease. Natural occurring substances include things such as vaccines, blood or parts of the blood, somatic cells, and other living cells such as stem cells. Biopharmaceuticals can be derived from other humans, animals, and other living organisms. A blood transfusion or organ transplant are two examples of biopharmaceuticals that are commonly used for medical treatment these days.

    Another popular form of biopharmaceuticals is stem cell therapy. Stem cells are unique in their ability to develop in to any type of cell. Researchers are working to manipulate stem cells and encourage them to develop in the certain types of cells that are needed to promote the healthy growth and function of damaged tissues or organs. Testing is still in the preliminary stages and must be closely monitored in order to ensure safety and long term effectiveness before these types of therapies are made available to the public.  One type of stem cell therapy that is already used is called a stem cell transplant or bone marrow transplant. Bone marrow transplants can be performed in one of three ways. The first is through an allogenic transplant, which means taking bone marrow from a donor and implanting it in to the affected patient. Another option for bone marrow transplant is called autologous transplant, which means that bone marrow is taken from the patient and stored to later be returned to the same patient. The third type of bone marrow transplant is only possible if the affected patient has an identical twin that is healthy. Bone marrow is taken from the healthy twin and implanted in to the affected twin. This type of transplant is called a syngeneic transplant. Bone marrow transplants can be a very affective treatment option for a number of different diseases and cancers. One of the main complications of a bone marrow transplant is called graft versus host and can occur only from an allogenic transplant.

  9. You Will Have Fun Shopping Online and Choosing Your Menu For The Week

    August 28, 2014 by Linda Wilhemsen

    Organic food shopping is always a little nerve racking when you are looking for certain items and are having to go from store to store to find what you are looking for. It seems that most grocery stores carry some organic foods but not a large variety. When looking for fresh organic produce, the consumer is at a disadvantage. How long has the produce been on the shelf, is it really 100% organic as it indicates, and where did the produce come from? If you are concerned about the food that you eat and want to eat completely healthy, these questions will come into your mind when shopping for your produce. Some stores have only a small organic section of produce and only carry a very limited selection. This can become very frustrating to the consumer. There are some stores that specialize in organic food, but for many, they will need to drive quite a distance to do their shopping. Mile High Organics in Colorado has everything you will need to do your online grocery shopping.

    If you are looking for an easier, more convenient way to do your grocery shopping, you might want to check into Mile High Organics. organic online grocery shoppingThey are an online grocery store that specializes in organics and Non-GMO foods. They are completely transparent so that you know exactly what you are getting and where it comes from. They are happy to help with any questions or concerns that you may have. They have a great reputation. Those who have already tried it are usually “hooked!” Once you have tried shopping online for your groceries from this reputable company, you will probably never want to go to the grocery store again. Grocery store shopping is something that most of us would rather postpone. With crowded parking lots, long lines at check out, driving in inclement weather, and not being able to find the foods we need, shopping online is always the preferred choice.

    Mile High Organics in Colorado serves a large area from Fort Collins to Pueblo and over to Edwards, with all cities in between. You can look online to see if your area is included. It covers a large populated area in the State of Colorado. You will want to be sure and try this way of doing your grocery shopping. All prices and fees are online under each product and you can pay for it online and set your delivery date. If you have recurring items that you want each week, they will automatically come up on your list. There are also coupons available as well as sales. You will want to stay up to date with the new foods that are listed each week. There are many choices as with a regular grocery store. Mexican food, seafood, beef and chicken, prepared foods, snacks, school lunch items, bulk foods, produce, herbs and spices, and many other choices. All your choices for your online grocery shopping are listed under their website. You will have fun looking and choosing what you want each week.

  10. Climbing expeditions can be some of your greatest adventures

    August 20, 2014 by Dan

    If you love you outdoors and love to be able to see the world been going on climbing expeditions is definitely for you. Today there are some wonderful climbing expeditions that you can take part of. Being able to go out and see the world to its fullest can really open your eyes to a great experience. By being able to have a great climbing expedition means that you need to be oh to have a great climbing guide with you. Because many times most people have not claimed these big mountains before it is important to have a guide with you to help keep you protected safe and on the right path to make your journey a success.

    By being able to have an AMGA mountain guide you can find the success you need to ensure that your trip will be a successful one. There are many great climbs like the ability to climb Kilimanjaro. Climbing ExpeditionsThis is a great noun that many people go to every year nearly 25,000 people attempt to climb this mountain to the top and about one third end up having to drop oh. Most of it due to the change in altitude as you begin to raise the top. If you want to succeed it is important that you are in good shape and that you have a great guy to take along. By being able to go on a great climbing expedition such as this can take a lot of willpower and a good mental state and a positive attitude to ensure that you can achieve your goal of reaching the top. When you have all that together and a mountain guide that knows the mountain they will steer you in the right direction and help you to achieve your goal.

    Being able to achieve your goal Linda hand to the success of how well your trip goes and having the right mountain guide on your side will ensure that you will be able to be protected and be able to make it to the top being successful in your journey. When you take the time to travel to pay continents such as Africa and take on a big hill climb such as this you want to know that you’re going to succeed. And you want to go with mental state that you know you can succeed. And when you have the right climb guides with you you’ll be able to make your trip a positive and successful one. Climbing expeditions can be one of the greatest trips that you take a lifetime. It’s something to truly challenge you and to see some of the amazing things that the world has to offer. There are some great views that you just cannot find anywhere else. To experience them for you can be a journey of a lifetime. Enroll yourself into a journey of a lifetime get the right Mountain guides with Alpenglow expeditions to help you on your way and you’ll be able to have a successful fun trip that you always remember for the rest of your life. It’s an once-in-a-lifetime kind of trip that you can take with you is a great experience for the rest of your life.